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The vision of the IEM department is to create leader who can the country’s industrial sector and who will take the country in the list of world most developed countries. All the activities of the department are planned in accordance with the vision. The academic curriculum is designed in such a way that it will strengthen the technical knowledge as well as leadership and creative capability of the students. These students will be the future leader of this country. The need of the 21st century is that someone has to express himself and communicates with others. An engineer has to have technical specialty as well as leading capability to guide the people under him. These leaders will change the scenery of the country’s industrial development. The main reason behind the vision is to develop the country’s industrial sector in an innovative and productive way. IEM department wants to create engineers who will have huge upper-hand than the traditional engineers. The students of the department will explore all the possible fields for the development of the industrial sector in a creative and innovative way.

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